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 Posted: Oct 30 2010, 01:09 PM
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So you want to request a skin, eh ?

Creating a skin can take time. How long it may take until a skin is completed depends on several factors. As such, you need to be patient.

Requirements & Rules
1. Be registered on the forum
2. You may only make 1 request at a time
3. Be patient and polite (important)
4. Must have 5 posts! This is important.

Whether or not your request is accepted entirely depends on the person taking it. He or she may not like it and decide to not do it.

If you don't meet the above requirement(s), your request will be either closed and archived OR to be marked as "Pending" until you meet the requirement(s)

When creating a new topic make sure to include the following:

Is this skin a conversion? (provide authorization from the author[s])
Bright, dark, or in between?
Links to similar themes (if any)
Any other information which will help the skinner make it as precise as possible.

- This forum may be at times closed for requests. This can be due to the skinners being busy and other reasons.
- No one on this forum is required or paid to take these requests. They have no obligation to you or anyone else to complete or create a skin. Please keep that in mind that the skinners on this forum are doing this on their own free time because they enjoy doing it.
- Must have 10+ posts in order to request. Otherwise the topic will be archived.
- Your request may be denied for whatever reason at the skinner's discretion.

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 Posted: Jul 27 2011, 01:55 PM
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Requests closed. (April 2012)

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